Flying Over the Natural Beauty of Bali | Paragliding Bali

Hello Guys, would you like to find an exciting adventure activities in Bali? this could be the answer. Bali has many kind activities for you to enjoy it along stay in Bali. This activity you must try in Bali, flying around of Timbis area with Paragliding. That will be awesome for you to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Bali from the sky. Make your experience more than the others, and don’t forget to bring you friend or your girlfriend to fly together with you.The main flight zone and training center is located at Timbis near the stunning Bali Cliff resort. The scenery is breathtaking, comprising of rugged cliffs, pristine beaches, blue seas, temples, and waves breaking over coral reefs make for a marvelous place to learn to fly or just relax and enjoy the view. At low tide there are ample bomb outs on the beach. Essential items such as cold drinks and cigarettes are available at take off, and there is always a friendly Balinese to pack your canopy away, just the way you like it, after an afternoon flying. Continue reading

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Surf and Turf Beach Club Bali Offer New Water Activities

Hello traveler, how are you today? Today i will give an important information about exciting activities for your holiday in Bali. This activities is about water activities and this activities will make you feel so challenged. Surf & Turf Beach Club is a great beachfront venue that provide some light bites, beers, cocktails and water park that complete with water slides, and also exciting flowing pool for surf. This is really recommended for you to visit when you are in Bali, have a great surfing experience with your family. Surf here are really safe so don’t worry to bring your kids to surf together with you. Continue reading

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Explore the Longest River in the East Part of Bali | Telaga Waja River Rafting

Hey are you ready for having a great adventure trip in Bali? This article could help you to find what adventure activities that you could to do in Bali. Telaga Waja river rafting is one attractive adventure activity that you can to do in Bali. Telaga Waja River is one of the longest river on east Bali start to runs southward Bali from southern slope of Mount Abang. Mount Abang is a peak at the south rim of Batur caldera as the nant of tremendous eruption which was probably happened at the same time as other super volcanic eruptions along volcanic belt of archipelago.  Continue reading

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Try this Exciting Activity | Buggy Ride Bali

Good Morning Adventurers, in this day I would like to share an exciting adventure activity that you can to do when you are in Bali. Bali Buggy ride that is the name of this activity. It is an attractive adventure activities, ride a buggy car and exploring the traditional village in Bali. Along the road you will feel the sensation of off-road driving and at the same time catch the comfort of easy maneuvering behind the steering wheel of a light. The machine power of Buggy car is 250 cc machine. That will be really exciting adventure that you ever done in Bali. Combining the true riding sensations accompanied with spectacular view of green rice field. There are several places in Bali that provide Buggy ride activities, such as Jatiluwih rice terrace in Tabanan Regency, and in Ubud villages in Gianyar Regency. Continue reading

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Visiting This Park and Make Your Trip in Bali More Exciting

Good morning Travelers, in this beautiful day I would like to share an important information about tourist destination that you must to visit in Bali. Bali have an unique park that will make you feel amaze when visiting this park. This park is located in Taro village, north of Ubud, Gianyar regency, Bali. This park is managed by Bali Adventure Tours. The visitor could be find and come closer to the Sumatran Elephant. Visitors might have a chance to get up close and directly touch the peaceful giants and also to go for a sightseeing expedition on the backs of these towering pachyderms.  Continue reading

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Visit this Wonderful Underwater Life in Crystal Bay Bali

Hello Guys, how was your trip yesterday? today I will give really exciting information about diving spot in Bali the small island of Archipelago Indonesia. You must try to have a dive in this place because the underwater living here are so exciting, and that will make you feel so amaze along your diving trip here. Crystal Bay is a renowned dive site for being one of the only places in the world to observe the giant Sun fish (Mola mola).  These massive pelagic fish, measuring about 3 metres in height, swim up from the deep to be cleaned by banner fish (species of butterfly fish).  Our chances of seeing this amazing fish are greatest between the months of June and October.  Continue reading

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Let’s Try the Water Sports Activities in North Part of Bali

Hello traveler, in this good day I would like to share a new tourist activity that you can to do along your trip in Bali. This Water Sports activity will not be doing in Tanjung Benoa, Sanur, or Kuta Area as usual, this water sports activities will be doing the north part of Bali Island that is in Singaraja Regency. This activity will be really unforgettable experience for your trip in Bali with your family. When we talk about the north part of Bali our mind will directly think about dolphin watching in Lovina. Let’s chech this Guys, this will be a different and exciting thing you can to do in the north part of Bali Island. Continue reading

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Luxury Helicopter Tour for Amazing Trip in Bali

Hello Traveler, this is a good news for you who want to visit Bali. Bali is a small island of Archipelago Indonesia that has a lot of tourist destination that could you visit for make an unforgettable holiday. The wonderful nature scenery in Bali are great for finding along your trip, not only that we also know that Bali has a lot of unique art and culture that might be really attractive for finding along your trip in this small island. Nowadays I would like to share information about an exciting activity that you must to do along your holiday in Bali. Continue reading

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Let’s Exploring Bali Wonderful Nature Scenery

Watch out Guys, this is great news that I will give to you who really love trekking activities. This might be a great article for you also who really like to make a nature trip and explore wonderful nature scenery. Let’s check this out Guys, This activity will be one recommended activity for your holiday in Bali and this activity will not be a boring activity. Continue reading

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Bali Amazing Adventure Trip | Interesting Tourist Activities

Hey Travelers, Let’s check this update of my experiences in doing adventure tour in Bali island. That’s really exciting activities for me, and I believe you will also feel really exciting with this activities. Bali isn’t only has a beautiful nature scenery and the unique art and culture, Bali also has many amazing adventures activities for you to enjoy along your trip in this Paradise Island.  Continue reading

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