Denpasar, Our Beloved City.

Denpasar, the largest city in South Bali is also the island’s capital city. It is an entirely different world than the picture perfect beach resort areas teeming with tourists. This is the place for you to genuinely experience the true meaning of local living. A bustling,modern, multi-cultural city that proudly retains its heritage and culture, Denpasar is a great area for a City Day Tour. Witness with your own eyesthe growth of Denpasar as a business district while you immerse in the city’s cultural heritage in its Museums, Balinese Royal Palaces, Temples, Cultural Parks and Traditional Markets that dot the city. While Denpasar is definitely off the beaten track for the typical tourist, its sights and sounds are a must-see for every first timer in Bali, so grab a good map and a pair of sneakers and explore the city the best way you can; on foot!2

4The main street in Denpasar is the Teuku Umar Street. Take a strolland enjoythe city’s main business district where you’ll find a wide selection of Restaurants for both the tame and the adventurous – Warung Babi Guling Chandra is famous for its suckling pig, Bakwan Surabaya for its meatballs in flavoursome spiced soup and Mie Gang Jangkrik for all kinds of noodles, soup or fried as well as Chinese-style dishes. These are only some of the most popular haunts among locals and tourists alike. Continue your exploration and you’ll discover more places to satisfy the most bold and daring palate. After a hearty meal, continue down Teuku Umar where you will soon come upon one of the many stores selling the latest electronics and technological gadgets known to mankind. Don’t be surprised that this humble street is also a haven for tech enthusiasts, with rows upon rows of stores offering the latesttech offerings. Here is where you’ll most likely find the newest smartphonesthat aren’t available yet anywhere else in the worldat competitive rates! So be sure to experience an exciting day of comparing prices here before taking home a new gadget or two.2

Not only a place to satisfy food lovers and tech enthusiasts, Denpasar is also the seat for the government of Bali and home to the provincial governor’s office as well as the administration of the Regency of Badung. As the centre of government and public services, most of their offices can be found in the Renon area, including the provincial governor’s office, consulates, and more public service offices. Also in the Renon is a favorite public space for both locals and expatriates;the BajraSandhi Monument. Built to commemorate the heroic spirit of Balinese warriors, it is surrounded by a vast green park where people spend their leisure time jogging, doing sports, yoga, or even just to lay back and relax with a friend or a loved one. Another favourite park is the Puputan Park, along the northern edge of which you will find the provincial governor’s office and other government buildings.Also a must visit is the traditional markets in Denpasar – join in the humming voices of people bargaining and selling their wares as you find the perfect Balinese souvenirs at great prices to take home to your family.

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