Bali For The First Time: Best Time To Visit And Where To Stay

Best Time To Visit
Bali has a reliable, warm and tropical climate year round. Temperatures linger between 26°c and 28°c so you are never going to be cold! (Places on a higher ground like Ubud and Bedugul has a more chilly weather!) The dry season in generally May to September, and the wet season October to April. Peak season in Bali is July and August, as well as Easter holidays, Christmas and New Year. Ultimately, if you are limited by children’s holidays or the desire to have Christmas abroad then embrace the great weather, the bustling attractions and exciting vibe of Bali at it’s busiest.

Where To Stay
Bali has busy towns, lush rainforests, artistic hamlets, pristine sandy beaches, awesome shops and epic parties. Generally we can categorize each areas into 5 different regions: South Bali, Central Bali, North Bali, East Bali, and West Bali. DO NOT underestimate the size of Bali, it is huge! From South Bali to North Bali it can take about 4 hours drive depending on the traffic. And each area has very different look and feel – the atmosphere, the culture and the type of attractions vary greatly too. If you are visiting Bali for the first time, we recommend you to stay at South Bali and Central Bali because it is more tourist-friendly and it’s hustle and bustle with activities. (you can navigate easily even if you don’t speak Bahasa) So where is best for you?

If you want to party, then Kuta has some seriously good nightlife, amazing beach bars – and great shopping too. Eat in one of the many restaurants, have a few drinks in the amazing bars, or live it up in the famous Sky Garden Bali, Kuta never sleeps!2.jpg

If Kuta sounds a bit too crazy for you, then Seminyak is just what you need. Enjoy the beautiful beach and watersports during the day and enjoy the finer life in the evenings. (Head to Raya Jalan Seminyak for a spot of shopping too!)3.jpg
Basically paradise for surfers at Uluwatu Beach, and those wanting to enjoy the panoramic cliff top, sunset views at the famous Uluwatu Temple. This is simplistic Bali at it’s best with just a few restaurants and places to stay.4.jpg

Prepare yourself for a life of luxury in the beautiful region of Jimbaran with pristine beaches and 5-star hotels. Famed for the fresh seafood, make sure to indulge in lobsters and oysters aplenty! For activities, learn about local life with cultural tours of the surrounding villages.5

Surrounded by ancient rainforests and lush paddy fields, Ubud is the art and culture capital of Bali. Jump into Ubud’s Tegenungan Waterfall, or visit the bustling streets filled with unique shops, art galleries, the coolest bars, and quirky eateries.6














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