Visit this Wonderful Underwater Life in Crystal Bay Bali

Hello Guys, how was your trip yesterday? today I will give really exciting information about diving spot in Bali the small island of Archipelago Indonesia. You must try to have a dive in this place because the underwater living here are so exciting, and that will make you feel so amaze along your diving trip here. Crystal Bay is a renowned dive site for being one of the only places in the world to observe the giant Sun fish (Mola mola).  These massive pelagic fish, measuring about 3 metres in height, swim up from the deep to be cleaned by banner fish (species of butterfly fish).  Our chances of seeing this amazing fish are greatest between the months of June and October. 
Crystal Bay is named from its crystal-clear waters and therefore typically give an incredible visibility.  This place also protected from large waves, and accompanied by a beautiful white sandy beach dotted with coconut trees, this turquoise colored bay is a slice of paradise.  In the middle of the bay is a tiny island with a staircase carved into the rock leading up to a sacred temple.  The dives spot are made around this island, beginning on a sandy slope that guides us down to the edge of a coral plateau, between 6-10 meters deep, before it drops off into a wall that plummets down to 50 meters and another small plateau can be seen.  This little plateau, however, ends abruptly and drops off again, this time into the depths of the channel that separate with Nusa Penida Island from Ceningan Island.  In front of you is the blue ocean and here is a great chance that we have to cross paths and finding the mighty (and harmless) Mola Mola.

But please be patient here because this dive site is exposed to very strong and unpredictable currents that can to make every divers into the blue ocean and being far from the dive site, or bring the divers into unmanageable depths (down current).  To safely dive in this dive site, divers must follow some basic rules while diving with responsible dive centers. Don’t worry about that Guys, in this dive site is strictly to be dived while accompanied by an experienced, PADI-certified Divemaster or Instructor, and diving without a guide (even if accompanied by a buddy) is prohibited by Indonesian legislation.

The dives made here must remain “no-decompression” dives.  If you are unsure what this means, please notify your dive guide so they can explain this to you. Maximum of 4 divers per dive guide that will make you safe along your diving trip and for less experienced divers, a ratio of 2 divers per dive guide. The dive sites and maximum depths are determined by the certification level of the divers, and are at the discretion of the divemaster/instructor, in function of the experience level of the diver, PADI standards, and the conditions of the ocean. PADI courses are carried out by PADI-certified, and insured, Instructors. To go to this island and find the dive site you will accompanied by The Atlantis International speedboats are fully equipped with First Aid kit, emergency oxygen, and communication system in case of emergency. They will make your diving experience here more safe and really memorable. The Depth of this dive site is about 10 – 14 meters. You must has experienced certified diver to go to dive here. In this site you will able to find Mola Mola, sharks, ribbon tail ray, banner fish, banded sea snake, moray eel, nudibranch, and the Best time to visit this dive site on a year is between June and October for best chance of Mola Mola.

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