Bali Amazing Adventure Trip | Interesting Tourist Activities

Hey Travelers, Let’s check this update of my experiences in doing adventure tour in Bali island. That’s really exciting activities for me, and I believe you will also feel really exciting with this activities. Bali isn’t only has a beautiful nature scenery and the unique art and culture, Bali also has many amazing adventures activities for you to enjoy along your trip in this Paradise Island. 

That was really exciting guys for doing some adventure activities in Bali, one of many company that provide adventure in Bali is Wake Bali Adventure. Wake Bali Adventure offer many exciting adventure activities, such as : Swimming with dolphin, ATV ridding, and Paint Ball. Yesterday on my weekend with my family I went to Wake Bali Adventure for making an exciting holiday. We tried the completely program, and that was really exciting day for me and my family.

First we started our trip with ATV ridding, that was really amazingly trip. Along my way on ATV, I felt so amazed because of the green scenery of nature surrounding me. The track of ATV ridding activity was really exciting when we met with the riverbed, the atmosphere suddenly change and that was really exciting. The finish point is at the black sandy beach, and that’s also the location for swimming with dolphin. Ridding the ATV on beach and try to finish as the first make my journey with my family more exciting.

Nice ridding on ATV made me would like to do it again, but it is time for swimming with dolphin. We went to the Swimming with Dolphin spot, and we suddenly went for swimming there. The water are really fresh and make your tiredness along the ATV ridding moving out. That was really attractive for me, when the dolphin try to kiss me. You must to try this Guys.

Two amazing activities we had been done, and now we would like to do our last adventure activities. That might be exciting Guys. We did a paint ball war here. That was so exciting war that I had been made. That’s about my story guys, if you are interesting with one of those activities I did, you can to come and contact the Bali Wake Adventure they will provide your trip. They’re office are set on Gaga street, Keramas village, Blahbatuh, Gianyar Regency – Bali.

This is the Combination Adventure Package that you can to enjoy in Wake Bali Adventure:

Dolphin Packages:

  • Family Packages Swim with Dolphin (2 Adult + 2 Children)
  • Family Packages Watching ( 2 Adult + 2 Children)
  • Swim with Dolphin Adult (Children max. 12 years old)
  • Watching Activities

Combination Packages:

1.       ATV 250cc (single) + Paint Ball

2.       ATV 250cc (Tandem) + Paint Ball

3.       ATV 700cc (Single) + Paint Ball

4.       ATV 700cc( Tandem) + Paint Ball

5.       Dolphin + Paint Ball

6.       Dolphin + ATV 250cc (single)

7.       Dolphin + ATV 250cc (Tandem)

8.       Dolphin + ATV 700cc (Single)

9.       Dolphin + ATV 700cc (Tendem)

10.   Dolphin + ATV 250cc (Single) + Paint Ball

11.   Dolphin + ATV 250cc (Tandem) + Paint Ball

12.   Dolphin + ATV 700cc (Single) + Paint Ball

13.   Dolphin + ATV 700cc (Tandem) + Paint Ball

Tour Program Inclusions :

  • Welcome Drink
  • Sock
  • Boot
  • Voucher IDR 50.000
  • Towel
  • Free T-shirt for ATV ridding
  • 100 Paint ball bullets for Paint ball
  • insurance

Let’s try this guys, and let’s make amazingly adventure experience in Bali.

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