Unbelievable Beauty of Diving Area in West Part of Bali

Bali as a tourist destination also has many kind of place interest for you to visit and spend your holiday here. many activites also able for you to do in this island in order to complete your journey and make a new experience along your holiday. Bali also has any spot for doing adventure activity start from land activity, water activity, and air activity.

Part of West Bali National Park, Menjangan Island was Bali’s first internationally-known diving location. Famous for wall-diving with easy conditions, Menjangan Island is 30 minutes by local boat from mainland Bali and offers warm waters with stunning visibility that can reach 50m+. The island’s white sand beaches provide goods, and well-protected, snorkeling opportunities.


The walls at Menjangan go from 10 to 26-60m+ and are full of nooks and crannies, overhangs and crevasses with soft corals, sponges and Bali’s highest concentration of Gorgonian seafans (some with pygmy seahorses). The fishlife is prolific and turtles are regular visitors.

Popular Sites at Menjangan Island

The more popular dive sites at Menjangan Island are: The Eel Garden, Pos II and, for the more experienced, a deep dive (40m) to the Anker Wreck, a 150-year-old wooden boat.


Menjangan Island can be dived all year round and provides some of the best visibility seen in all of Bali’s dive sites. Even though it may not offer a wide variety of marine life, massive pelagics or challenging drift dives like other sites, it’s a reliable site for enjoying some of the best soft corals, gorgonians, standard reef fish species and even its own humble wreck. Visibility here is so good that it can often reach over 50m, and sea temperatures are quite warm at 28-31°C.

Wall diving here is very popular and the walls plunge to depths of around 60m so there is always a lot to see. Because of the lack of currents the walls are covered in gorgonian fans attracting high numbers of small fish. All along the wall are tempting little crevices, cracks and hiding places providing constant discoveries, activity and marine life.


Although the best diving in Menjangan Island is said to be from April to November (during the south east monsoon), the island can be dived all year round as it offers some of the most protected diving in Bali.

The clarity of the water can at times be amazing, July to September often yields the best visibility and a current of more than 1 knot is unusual. However, as Menjangan is protected from the cold currents coming in from the open sea, there are only rare sightings of larger fish.

This island will be a nice place for you to visit, not only for doing diving you also can to do other activity here, like meet with deer here and you can make many pictures with wild deer here. this is recommended place for you and your family to visit.

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2 thoughts on “Unbelievable Beauty of Diving Area in West Part of Bali

  1. Great Post


  2. Sounds like you had an amazing trip! I miss Bali. And west Bali is SO BEAUTIFUL


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