You Must Try this Activity for Completing Your Holiday in Bali

Bali is a popular tourist destination. This island’s popular because of unique art and culture from the local society. When you spend your holiday in Bali you will able to find many kind of art and culture, not only that when you are in Bali you will able for doing any other activity for exploring the beautiful scenery of Bali. Cycling tour is one part of outdoors activities, which will be able to give you a new inspiration of Bali during your holiday in Bali. This tour is for all ages from children to the elderly, where in this tour you will be able to feel and see the natural scenery so spectacular countryside. Not only that, and you’ll even be able to find out firsthand how people’s lives in the countryside Bali.—-

Ubud is an area in Bali that very popular with the art and culture. When you are visiting Ubud, you will easily find art of Bali and Bali unique attraction. Nowadays in Ubud area you will also able for doing different activities. Cycling activity will be a good choice for you when you stay in Ubud or visiting Ubud. Ubud is located at Gianyar regency, that’s about 1 and half hour from Denpasar city. To access this village you can use motorcycle or car.



Cycling in Ubud will be good experience for your holiday with your friend or your family. When you go for cycling in Ubud you will start cycle along the secret back roads through the village (no traffic) gently downhill for approximately 2,5 hours. From this route you will find many beautiful rice paddies beside you. that’s will be a good opportunity for you to stop and taking picture there. Not only rice paddies, you will also pass the local society village there and local society temple in this route. If you would like to exploring about Balinese culture, that’s available for you to stop and visiting the temple and the village, in here you will get any information about Balinese art and culture.



This is recommended activity for you to spend your holiday in Bali, don’t forget to bring your family and make a good cycling experience together.

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