Looking For Nature Vacation? Want To Spend a Day With Animal? Here Is The Answer

Have you even heard about Taro Village in Bali? Maybe some of you will say yes. Taro village is a village in Bali that famous with elephant safari park. It’s about 35 Km from Denpasar city or about 1 hour from Denpasar city, in taro village there are many activities for you to do to make your holiday more exiting and happy with your family, or your friends.

The elephant safari park firstly made by Nigel Mason and Yanie in 1989 as the only one elephant safari park in Bali. Until now this safari park have a good reputation around the world and because of that many tourist come this elephant safari park to spend their holiday with elephant. Bali is a small island that haven’t  elephant as the local animal, the elephant come from Sumatera Province. In Bali elephants safari park you will also see the process of elephant preservation, because the purpose of this elephant safari park is for preservation elephant, beside for tourism.


Many activities are able for you here, such as travelling around the safari park, looking for the elephant life. the width of this park is about 3,5 hectare that complete with health center inside. Not only traveling and looking for elephant, in this park you are also able to ride the elephant around the safari park, feed the elephants, clean the elephant in a pool, take a picture with elephants, watching the elephants playing football, and counting, and the painting on a canvas or your cloth. Will be a good holiday if you try to come here and spend your time with elephant in Taro village.

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About  the facilities in this elephant safari park, this elephant safari park has complete facilities such as hotel, bungalow, restaurant, souvenir shop, museum, spa, until helicopter port. Your holiday will be a nice holiday in here that’s why we recommended this place for you.

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