Deep Feeling With Underwater Activities in Tanjung Benoa

Tanjung Benoa is an area in Bali, Specially located in Badung regency. Tanjung benoa famous with water sport activities. It’s only 15 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport, and here you will also able to join in seawalker activity. According to the location of seawalker you will get any advantages, because here you will also able to get the clearly water and find many kind of fish here. Tanjung Benoa beach will offer you crystal clear water and calm seawater; it is very suitable to have Seawalker Bali in the morning. Besides the air was cool, the sun is also not too hot.

Walking on the sea floor will be different to walk on land. You will be using a helmet containing water-resistant clear glass. This helmet has been fed pure oxygen for your breathing during walking on the sea floor. Oxygen flows through the hose attached to the helmet. Then you breathe it, the same as breathing on land. For those who wear glasses or contact lenses, don’t have to be worried. You can still use your glasses or contact lenses during the activities, because the seawater will not enter to the helmet.


This is certainly supported by equipment that meets international standards. Professional guides who are trained and experienced will be happy to accompany you during the underwater walk Bali activities. You don’t need to have the skills to swim or dive to do underwater walk. Starting at age 10 and above are able to try this type of underwater activities. on the bottom of the sea, there are many fish and beautiful coral reefs. you need to walking and reach the sea floor. While walking around on the sea floor your will be able to see the fish, marine plants and coral reefs. You also can feed the fish. To walk on the sea as not as easy like waking on the land, to maintain your balance while walking on the sea, the guide will bring pipeline you can hold while you are walking on the sea floor. This underwater walk Bali activity takes about 30 minutes in the water.


This is the morning activities for you who want to start the new days by saying good morning to the fish.

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