Hidden Canyon Bali | Challenging Trip to A Beautiful Spot

If you got holiday in Bali and feel bored because just see beaches, mountains and rice terracing, maybe this spot can be your new choice to spend your holiday, this spot called Hidden Canyon. It is called Hidden Canyon because this spot situated in the hidden place, and it is not easy to reach the spot. The spot is located at Guwang Village, Sukawati, close from Sukawati Art Market.20150912_9933

To reach this spot, first you must find a Temple (Pura Dalem) at the village, beside the temple there are stairs that will bring you to a river, after you arrive at the river you have to turn left, and then follow the river to arrive at the destination. To reach the spot there is just one way, yes it is by following the river. The track is very challenging, for you who like a challenge the way to this spot is very suitable, because you must cross the rock and climb the canyon.

20150912_8556You must be careful because the canyon is slick and hard to climb, if you are not be careful you will fell into the river. The area is still sacred, so you should behave decently. When you are arrive at the spot you can see the scenery that you rarely get in Bali, there are steep cliffs with the high about 20 meters, and under the cliff there is a beautiful river is still clear.

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It is recommended place to visit in Bali when you got holidays, where you just book your trip through a reliable travel agent. I believe your trip will be awesome and great experience.

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5 thoughts on “Hidden Canyon Bali | Challenging Trip to A Beautiful Spot

  1. Madeline

    How far down the river to the left! We went looking with no luck


  2. What a wonderful trip. If I could be as young as you, I’ll travel at any chance! I’m not old only 80! but with this cumbersome wheelchair……………


  3. What a beautiful spot.


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