Wakeboarding | The Most Challenging Water Sport in Bali


Bali Wake Park is a Water Sport Arena which has a new water ride named Wakeboarding. Wakeboarding is one of popular water sport combine skateboarding and surfing concept. Located at Jl. Pelabuhan Benoa No 7X, Pesanggaran, Benoa, Denpasar, this Water Sport will be the most challenging water ride in Bali.

The Wakeboarders usually do this water sport in the sea. They stand on the wakeboard, hold a rope and drawn by speedboat with average speed of 25 km / h. But, Wake Park has Wake boarding on an artificial lake about five hectares area.

Bali-Wake-Park-bird-viewBali Wake Park use cable system. There are two cables systems; the main cable covers five hectares area and the second system. The second system is for the beginner wakeboarder. Every professionals or beginner wake boarder can play wakeboarding in main cable. This challenging water sport can play by all people (6- 70 years old). Bali Wake Park is a first water sport arena using cable system in Bali.

BALI-WAKE-PARK-3-620x330You not just can play Wakeboarding in there, you can choose other water sports, such as surfing, double ski, and single ski. Before playing, you must get short training how to start, the body position and what to do while in the game. Salvation is the main thing in this place. So, everyone who wants to play in this area must wearing life jacket and helmet.

Before start the game, you must watch a video. The video explains how to started, or how to avoid when there are other players who fall, and give a signal when there are players behind. When you fall, you should not to be panic, because was wearing a life jacket, it help you to float on the water.

A Buggy Car always stands by to pick fall players and brought again to the beginning point of the game. Before you begin the games, you must wear a bracelet, gained during a register at a scanner. The goal is to know the remaining time when playing wakeboarding or other water sports.

When you are ready, you will given a handle that is connected with a cable. The cable is attached through a tower that surrounds the lake. Cable system with 8 carriers can play eight visitors at a time

You can try the other activities in Bali Wake Park such as Pool Bar, Ninebot, and spa. And this water sport has facilities like locker, locker room, pro shop providing wake board gear, and restaurants.

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Bali Wake Park open start from 09.00 AM. Until 18.00PM. And open every day. It is recommended water ride to try in Bali when you got holidays, where you just book your trip through a reliable travel agent. I believe your trip will be awesome and great experience.

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