Wana Ayu Sukasada Waterfall, Hidden Nature Tourism in Buleleng

For those of you who are looking for a vacation place that is close to nature, then you can come to Wana Ayu Waterfall on Bali Island. Bali is not only known for its beautiful beaches, but also in Bali there are many waterfall tours that you can visit, and one of them is Wana Ayu Sukasada Waterfall.

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Nunggalan Uluwatu Beach, Stunning Beach Destination Choice Under the Cliffs

Playing to Bali the main purpose is usually the beach. Lots of beaches are scattered in every region of Bali. So many sometimes there are beaches that are still not widely known by tourists. One of the most unknown beach tourism is Nunggalan Uluwatu Beach. Although Nunggalan beach is not yet well known, but this beach is no less beautiful than famous beaches.

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Mende Hill Kintamani, Hunting Instagramable Photos in the Land of the Clouds

Bali is not just a vacation place that is fun for beach children, but for those of you who are nature lovers, Bali is also suitable to visit. Mende Kintamani Hill is one of the other natural attractions that can be visited. This hill presents a stunning view, like a country above the clouds.

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Gianyar Secret Ketewel Beach, the Hidden Beach that Becomes the Paradise of Surfers

Beaches in Bali will never end for discussion, there are a variety of new beaches that have not been widely explored. Gianyar Secret Ketewel Beach is one beach whose name is not too familiar and rarely visited by tourists. This beach is in the Gianyar region, Bali.

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Thomas Beach Uluwatu, Hidden Beach which is the Favorite of Foreign Tourist Visits

Thomas Beach Uluwatu is a hidden beach that has not been visited by many tourists. This beach is only visited by foreign tourists, while local tourists do not visit much because access is quite difficult and requires extra energy to reach the beach.

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Karangasem Balinese Harmony Park, Holiday Facilities Closer to Nature in Bali

For those of you who are happy with holidays that are close to nature such as camping or camping. So, this one place is the right place for you to visit, namely Karangasem Bali Harmony Park. The natural atmosphere is very suitable to give a closer opportunity to nature.

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Ubud Traditional Market, A Place to Hunt for Bali Souvenir Souvenirs

Visiting traditional markets is an attractive choice if you want to shop for cheap souvenirs. In Bali, you have to take time to come to Ubud Traditional Market. This traditional market is famous as the center for various types of souvenirs from Bali. Interestingly, this market is often cited as the best traditional market on the island.

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Labuan Sait Pecatu Beach, Beach with Quiet Waves that are Fun for Swimming

Eliminating stress by walking on the beach might be fun. You can play around, enjoy views of the sea and also feel the breeze. You can do this at one of the beaches in Bali, namely Labuan Sait Pecatu Beach.

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Semawang Sanur Beach, Beautiful Beach with Calm Atmosphere and Cleanliness

The beach in the Sanur area is famous for its beauty and cleanliness. One of the beaches in the area is Sanur Semawang Beach. This beach has the same beach as the beach in Sanur, including at Cemara Beach. Semawang Beach is also known as one of the exclusive beaches. Moreover, this beach has the right location in Bali’s luxury hotel, namely Fairmont Sanur Beach Bali. Therefore, it is not surprising that the cleanliness of this beach is very messy. Semawang Beach is the right tourist destination for you.

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Candi Kusuma Beach, Beach with Enchanting Sunset Atmosphere

The name of Candi Kusuma Beach is not as popular as Kuta Beach. Its location which is far from the city center or tourism centers makes its location still very natural and maintained. However, it is not the popularity that makes Kusuma Temple Beach visited by visitors but the friendliness and peace of nature are the main factors.
Located in West Bali, Candi Kusuma Beach is a popular tourist destination. Expanse of white sand and waves that sweep the coast makes its own beauty.

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