All About Ubud

About the places
Situated near the islands centre and midway between Kuta and the Kintamani peaks, Ubud is by many considered to be much cooler than Kuta. Apart from being home to a vast array of modern art galleries, craft shops and studios, this charming conglomerate of villages is also the ‘royal centre’ of Bali with numerous palaces and temples to be visited3.jpg.

It also offers some of Bali’s best dining experiences. If you’re more of an outdoorsy type, try biking, walking, trekking, bird watching, herb gathering, kayaking and/or rafting amid the phosphorescent rice paddies, lush tropical gorges and palm waving rivers so characteristic of Ubud. Thus, with all that Ubud has to offer, visitors are recommended to stay at least 2-5 days. Many visitors make Ubud their home base as it is so centrally located and close to all the other attractions in Bali.


Over the centuries, Ubud has been influenced by numerous waves of invading armies. In 1343, the East Javanese Hindu Majapahit dynasty conquered Bali; their descendants still inhabit the palaces of Ubud today. After the fall of the Majapahit Empire in the 16th century (and as a result of the consequent Islamization of Java), many scholars, artists, intellectuals and priests migrated to Bali, and more specifically to the small kingdoms in and around Ubud. At the end of the l9th century, the Dutch occupation sparked an interest in Bali by Western artists and intellectuals (e.g. Walter Spies, Colin McPhee and Rudolf Bonnet), many of whom visited Bali and settled here during the 1930s. From the 1970s and onwards backpackers and artists started to arrive, many of whom fell in love with this hilly Shangri-la and still live in Ubud today.2
Visitor Information
A good start to your Ubud stay includes a visit to the Ubud Tourism Information Center (T. +62361 977 568) on Jalan Raya Ubud. There are also tourist agencies all over town, and the various excellent bookshops sell maps of Ubud




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Denpasar, Our Beloved City.

Denpasar, the largest city in South Bali is also the island’s capital city. It is an entirely different world than the picture perfect beach resort areas teeming with tourists. This is the place for you to genuinely experience the true meaning of local living. A bustling,modern, multi-cultural city that proudly retains its heritage and culture, Denpasar is a great area for a City Day Tour. Witness with your own eyesthe growth of Denpasar as a business district while you immerse in the city’s cultural heritage in its Museums, Balinese Royal Palaces, Temples, Cultural Parks and Traditional Markets that dot the city. While Denpasar is definitely off the beaten track for the typical tourist, its sights and sounds are a must-see for every first timer in Bali, so grab a good map and a pair of sneakers and explore the city the best way you can; on foot!2

4The main street in Denpasar is the Teuku Umar Street. Take a strolland enjoythe city’s main business district where you’ll find a wide selection of Restaurants for both the tame and the adventurous – Warung Babi Guling Chandra is famous for its suckling pig, Bakwan Surabaya for its meatballs in flavoursome spiced soup and Mie Gang Jangkrik for all kinds of noodles, soup or fried as well as Chinese-style dishes. These are only some of the most popular haunts among locals and tourists alike. Continue your exploration and you’ll discover more places to satisfy the most bold and daring palate. After a hearty meal, continue down Teuku Umar where you will soon come upon one of the many stores selling the latest electronics and technological gadgets known to mankind. Don’t be surprised that this humble street is also a haven for tech enthusiasts, with rows upon rows of stores offering the latesttech offerings. Here is where you’ll most likely find the newest smartphonesthat aren’t available yet anywhere else in the worldat competitive rates! So be sure to experience an exciting day of comparing prices here before taking home a new gadget or two.2

Not only a place to satisfy food lovers and tech enthusiasts, Denpasar is also the seat for the government of Bali and home to the provincial governor’s office as well as the administration of the Regency of Badung. As the centre of government and public services, most of their offices can be found in the Renon area, including the provincial governor’s office, consulates, and more public service offices. Also in the Renon is a favorite public space for both locals and expatriates;the BajraSandhi Monument. Built to commemorate the heroic spirit of Balinese warriors, it is surrounded by a vast green park where people spend their leisure time jogging, doing sports, yoga, or even just to lay back and relax with a friend or a loved one. Another favourite park is the Puputan Park, along the northern edge of which you will find the provincial governor’s office and other government buildings.Also a must visit is the traditional markets in Denpasar – join in the humming voices of people bargaining and selling their wares as you find the perfect Balinese souvenirs at great prices to take home to your family.

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The Incredible Things That You Can Do In Bali

-Enjoy a day at a luxurious and affordable spa complete with grand views.
Looking for a genuine spa by the sea experience? La Joya is one of the most amazingly located day spas in Jimbaran. Stretch out beneath the thatched roof of the open air massage villa and melt away in both mind and body with an intimate view taking in coastal splendour of Jimbaran in all its glory. Otherwise, head to the mystical riverside Tjampuhan Spa and experience the healing properties of water – through an extraordinary hot/cold spring water jacuzzi created within an elaborately carved mythical stone cavern.2.jpg

Last but not least, get pampered surrounded by elephants at Elephant Safari Park Lodge, one of Ubud’s most unique offerings, and set on acres of lush botanical gardens and tropical forest. The elephants roam free throughout the grounds by day – allowing you tantalising glimpses of these majestic beasts, as you take in the open view from the spa treatment rooms.3

-Watch a theatrical tribute to Indonesia – Devdan Show
It can be hard to find suitable activities to do when you have a family in tow, but that’s just why we love Bali – for its quirky activities that will keep even the naughtiest kid entertained. Enjoy dance with a twist at the Devdan Show, a one-of-a-kind performance that was partly designed by stage and artistic directors of Cirque du Soleil. Here, modern and traditional elements come together to form a unique 90-minute theatrical and dance tribute to Indonesia – and you don’t even have to leave Bali to experience all of it! Everything from fire to colourful kites appear on the stage, and you won’t have to worry about not understanding what’s going on – as performers communicate the stories via physical signs.4

-Visit one of Asia’s best waterpark: Waterbom
Waterbom is a must-go for any Bali traveller who’s also a theme park fan. From extreme water slides like the snake-themed Constrictor to gentle lazy rivers, both the young and old can spend a fun day at this water park.5

So what if theme park ride aren’t really your thing? You can always sneak off for the park’s reflexology session, fish spa therapy, or go for a mani-pedi session.



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Do the Craziest Things In Bali

-Find hidden beauty: Chill out at unknown beaches
As an island, Bali is naturally known for its beach life and activities. But with the influx of tourists, mainstream beaches such as the Kuta beach are already overflowing with people. So if you’re after a bit of peace and quiet, it’s time to head on to Bali’s various hidden beaches that, thankfully, have yet to gain the notice of many. One of our favourite beaches? Nyang Nyang Beach and its white pristine sands that are lined by a towering green cliff, which keeps it away from prying eyes. If you are quite the explorer and looking for some solitude, this secluded beach in Southern Bali is perfect for a little adventure – and some truly beautiful Instagram shots too!2.jpg

-Visit unbelievable natural attractions: From hidden waterfalls to secret canyons
There are so many incredible hidden natural attractions in Bali, we don’t know just where to start. From the many hidden waterfalls like Sekumpul Waterfall, to the truly incredible sacred and secret canyon of Sukawati… Any artist, photographer, creative, or simply anyone who wants to be wowed by a real life view of nature’s masterpiece – these are places you have to visit. And for those looking for a little romance, try a picnic at the picturesque Bukit Asah Bugbug! It is the perfect setting for a picnic perfect for catching the sunrise – and panoramic views of the Indian Ocean, its coral reefs and small islands.35

-Drive (or no) through a hole in a tree: Bunut Bolong Tree
In the Manggissari village, located in the western part of Bali, stands yet another majestic tree that’s renowned for its supernatural powers. But unlike the giant banyan tree that supposedly grants wishes, the Bunut Bolong Tree (meaning “tree with a hole in it”) has a far more ominous history. The tree has roots on either side of a stretch of road, forming an archway that visitors can drive through. Brides and grooms are advised to refrain from passing through this way, though – legend has it that those who do will end up separated. To protect people from the power of the tree, another road has been constructed next to it for believers to pass through.

But regardless of your belief in the legend, there’s nothing like a bit of risk to pique the adventurer’s interest, isn’t it?4

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Go With Nature Things In Bali

-Dine at a live volcano: Madu Sari Mountain Restaurant
What can be more heart-stopping than dining atop a live volcano?  The Madu Sari Mountain Restaurant is located on the edge of a crater on Mount Batur, an active volcano yes, we’re not kidding! You might be questioning why anyone in their right mind would be in the mood to eat while perched on a volcano, but here’s the catch – you get gorgeous scenery of the beautiful crater-lake Lake Batur (though splattered with residue lava from previous eruptions), and the surroundings are actually romantic enough for a date or two. Food – both local and European – is served as a buffet, with yummy options such as beef stroganoff, fried chicken, and pancakes. It might sound little scary, but it’s completely worth it.2.jpg

-Hug a honey bear: Pod Chocolate Factory and Café
Yes, honey bears are predators and it sounds crazy to want to hug them, but this impossible feat is actually possible at the Pod Chocolate Factory and Cafe. The factory was set up by Australian Toby Garritt, in pursuit of the way to create the best chocolate in the world. He’s slowly but surely approaching his goal, considering the raving reviews that his chocolates have received. If you visit the factory, located within an elephant camp, you’ll be brought on a tour detailing how cocoa beans are harvested, and later made into chocolate. If you want to, you can even try making your own chocolate! And yes, you get to hug one of the three honey bears that live on the premises after being rescued from hunters. No, you won’t lose your head, and it only costs US$10.3

-Take a walk in the sea: Bali Seawalker
Scared your oxygen tank will give out on you if you go diving? With the Seawalker helmet, you can now walk on the seabed and observe ocean life like an underwater resident without having to carry all those heavy equipment. It’s so easy that even non-swimmers can do it. And even better yet, the helmet ensures that no water will touch your hair, so let those worries about helmet-head and flattened hair fly out the window and enjoy your little walk in the sea!4





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Abandoned Paradise in South Bali, Green Bowl Beach!

Named because of its algae-covered rocks seen at low tide, Green Bowl Beach could have become the next big tourist destination. But the demolishment of nearby Bali Cliff Resort left the beach as an abandoned paradise, which remains known to only a select few. Although the beach is difficult to find due to tricky turns down a few tiny roads, it is a stunning example of Bali’s natural beauty. to get to the beach, you have to descend hundreds of steep concrete steps, before you can sink your feet into the sand. Green Bowl Beach is also famed for its resident population of bats living in beachside caves, you can often see hundreds of sleeping bats at noon. If you are not scared of flying creatures, you can even snap a once-in-a lifetime Green Bowl Beach photo from the inside.2

Green Bowl Beach is one of Bali’s most secluded beaches, a small 30m coastal strip with coarse white sand, located approximately 75 metres down hundreds of steps under a verdant cliff in the village of Ungasan (a 15-kilometre drive from Kuta, and under half an hour from Nusa Dua). The steep descent and climb required owes much to its appeal, attracting only adventurous weekenders and die-hard surfers favouring its uncrowded waves and exotic location. Also among the inimitable features at Green Bowl Beach are two large limestone caves that enclose small rock shrines, and which also provide shade and shelter for beach goers and surfers paddling in from their fun time out on the waves. The best time to go is during low tide, when the calm crystal clear waters allow for great snorkelling, with the fairly consistent waves a short paddle beyond a natural reef barrier.3

Getting to Green Bowl Beach is relatively easy; branching south off Jalan Dharmawangsa in Nusa Dua and onto Jalan Pura Batu Pageh leads you straight to the derelict Bali Cliff Resort. The temple is to the left of the resort’s entrance, with a parking lot at the temple’s foyer that is watched over by a local elder who serves as a ticket man (an IDR 5,000 entrance fee applies). Parking is a breeze, with ample space available in front of the temple. Nearby are four small warungs selling snacks, cold drinks and fresh young coconuts (IDR 15,000) – perfect for replenishing after climbs.

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SUBAK Museum

Subak Museum is a museum collecting the Balinese traditional agriculture tools and old documentation to remind all young generation about Subak Organization which has famous in the world. It is located in Sanggulan countryside, Kediri sub district and Tabanan regency precisely 20 Km west part of Denpasar town. This museum is opened for public and to be one of tourist destinations in Tabanan regency, west part of Bali. It is strategically located in Tabanan town and close with other tourist destinations in this regency

Bali Subak Museum History
Tabanan regency is one of the regencies in Bali own the widest rice field, so that frequently this regency is called by the Rice Barn of Bali Island. Sanggulan countryside has been choose as a place of Subak Museum because considering that Subak Rijasa in this regency that in year 1979 have reached the National Champion in Intensification Program that lifting Bali’s name in the national level. Beside of that Tabanan regency owns more Subak Organization if it is compared with other regencies. The development of Subak Museum is inspirited by intention of all Balinese culture lovers. This museum is expected to preserve Subak as a local cultural asset which have meritorious in developing and improving agricultural rice field production, especially rice and traditional irrigation system. This system is very famous in foreign countries because own the similar irrigating system like Fai in Thailand and Zangera in Philippine with the chasm and its specification do not like Subak which is existing in Bali. Subak is wet farm farmer organization to get the water irrigation from the sources.4.jpg

What to see in Bali Subak Museum
Subak Museum is consisted of the closed and opened building. The closed building is consisted of the exhibition stand where we can meet the demonstration of the object related to farmer work, visual audio building narrating the Subak activities in its bearing with the water irrigation management, library and office. Open building is the visualization of Subak demonstration in mini form which is consisted of a pool as relocation place of irrigation, a tunnel to flow the water from pool to the water relocation. The objects and farmer equipments are displayed in the exhibition building is the equipments and object are arranged in a such manner from the equipment for the opening of agriculture farm, making the irrigation items, farm processing, crop conservation, harvesting, making rice and kitchen equipments. It is not different from other museums in Bali that Subak Museum in Sanggulan countryside has the following function:

-As a center of the erudite investigation and documentation
-As a place of science channeling
-Cultural acquaintanceship place
-Medium place to introspect the human being
-Place of mirroring the human being history
-Place to enjoy the art and culture object generally32

In tourism effort, this time can be form as a tourist destination, especially for incoming tourist from the big countries like America , Europe, Japan , etc that this museum as a unique place of interest in Bali.



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All About Denpasar

Visitors to Bali who decide to skip Denpasar will be missing out on great museums, important temples, and the best shopping on the island. It’s a bit of a shame, but most tourists will decide to overlook the capital city to go directly to the beach areas. Those visitors who take the time to get to know Denpasar will usually be amazed at how much this huge urban area has to offer, and they will be glad they took the time to explore. Despite the fact that this is largest city on the island, it is still considered a bit off the beaten track because so few tourists spend time here. It is easy to visit Denpasar as part of a day trip from Sanur or Kuta.

How To Get To Denpasar
The options for getting around the city would include:
-There are many bemo routes that pass through the city – the network is complex, so it is best to ask advice from a local person or risk getting lost.
-Traffic can be heavy at times, but it is certainly possible to tour the city on a motorbike or in a rented car.
-There are usually plenty of taxis on the main streets in Denpasar – it is important to agree a price before setting off.2.jpg

Denpasar Attractions
There are plenty of interesting things to see in Denpasar including:
-The Bali Museum is located in the center of town on Jalan Letkol Wisnu Dangin Puri. There is a nice selection of prehistoric items as well as many religious and cultural artifacts.
-If visitors are looking to escape the hectic atmosphere of the city, they can visit Lapangan Puputan Margarana. This park is also home to an enormous monument called Bajra Sandhi.
-Renon Square is a nice park where visitors can get to mingle with some local people. This is also a good place for walking or jogging in the mornings or evenings.
-Puru Agung Jagatnatha is the largest temple in the city, and it is considered a very sacred place by local people. It is located in the center of town – close to the Bali Museum.
-Taman Werdhi Budaya is an art center made up of four complexes; cultural library, exhibition hall, sacred garden, and amphitheater. The buildings are a great example of Balinese architecture, and there are always events going on here.
-Puru Maospahit is a red brick temple that was built during the fourteenth century. It was damaged by an earthquake in 1917 but there are still parts of the temple left standing, and it is a fascinating place to visit.
-Alun Alun Puputan is one of the most famous landmarks in Denpasar. This square is home to a large eight-armed and four-faced statue.
-The Denpasar Royal Temple can be found on Jalan Veteren – not far from Alun Alun Puputan. This building has been well preserved, and it is open to the public from 08:00 until 16:00.
-Sidik Jari Museum is privately owned, and it contains a wonderful collection of fine art. As well as the exhibition hall, visitors can also enjoy the art studio and library.
-Pasar Kreneng is one of the largest markets in the city and it is a good choice for visitors looking for Balinese food or fresh fruit and vegetables. This market in the Badung area gets very busy here in the evenings, but there is a great sense of liveliness about the place.
-The Bali Orchid Garden is a beautifully landscaped area that has many tropical plants on display as well as orchids. It opens every day from 08.30 until 18:30, and there are a number of different tour packages available.
-Desa Budaya Kertalangu is a cultural village that is located on the outskirts of the city. This is a wonderful way to experience rural life, and there are some nice restaurants here as well.

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Bali Traditional Drink

One of the best things about traveling abroad is that you get to try the local food and drinks of the country you’re visiting. In Bali, many restaurants serve dishes from other countries so it may be difficult to sample a traditional Balinese meal. Local drinks however are more easily available, whether it be from a vendor on the beach or from the mini-mart on the corner.

In this post we’ll introduce you to some of the most popular drinks in Bali – cheers!

Arak Bali is a typical Balinese liquor containing alcohol fermented. Balinese traditional drink of this, not least with outside production drinks such as wine or wine. Arak is generally made from coconut palm wine by distillation (distillation). Besides as a beverage, as well as serving ceremonial procession. This minuma now has limited its circulation by the government of Bali as alcoholic and can cause death due to mixed use other types of alcohol.2

Balinese Brem drinks this is a byproduct of the process of making the tape. This drink is deposited in a long time until an alcoholic. Drink brem Bali initially only part of customary and religious rituals. But now drink made from glutinous black or red and white sticky rice is fermented into a welcome drink for guests.3

Daluman is a kind of traditional Balinese drink green grass jelly. Daluman making process itself is usually not much different from the manufacture of grass jelly. Daluman leaves that have been cleaned, then knead until foamy until thick, before it is too thick, the leaves that have been squeezed filtered so that the leaves do not mix with the dough daluman. So that it feels good daluman already thick mixed with coconut milk, sugar arena that has liquid and ice then be ice daluman.

Balinese Coffee
Balinese Coffee is processed coffee products in the home are still traditional and roasting processes still use firewood, creating a fragrant scent so distinctive and special. Balinese drinks is the most widely consumed by the inhabitants of Bali because it is easiest to obtain.4

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Get Drunk! Popular Beers In Bali

Beer is the world’s most widely consumed and probably the oldest alcoholic beverage; it is the third most popular drink overall, after water and tea. The production of beer is called brewing, which involves the fermentation of starches, mainly derived from cereal grains—most commonly malted barley, although wheat, maize (corn), and rice are widely used. Most beer is flavoured with hops, which add bitterness and act as a natural preservative, though other flavourings such as herbs or fruit may occasionally be included. The fermentation process causes a natural carbonation effect, although this is often removed during processing, and replaced with forced carbonation.

And there is list of popular beers in Bali

Bintang is Bali’s best-selling beer (and also probably the best-selling T-shirt). The taste is similar to an American pale lager, like Heineken, and has an alcoholic strength of around 4.7%. It’s also possible to buy Bintang Zero, a low-alcohol version with less than 1% alcohol. The standard price for a small bottle of Bintang from a supermarket is about Rp. 15,000 but can cost as much as Rp.60,000 from fancier bars and clubs.3.jpg

Anker is Bintang’s rival. Made in a Jakarta brewery, this beer has a  stronger taste. Anker costs about the same as Bintang, so it really just comes down to your personal preference.4

Bali Hai
Bali Hai is a cheap local beer that was originally only sold in Bali, however it’s now available all over Indonesia. Popular with people looking for an affordable beer, Bali Hai is actually brewed in Jakarta and not Bali, as the name suggests. The taste is a little weak compared with other local brews, but still does the trick on a hot day.

Storm Beer
Produced by a microbrewery in Bali, Storm Beer is the only truly local beer. The beer is thought to have been created by an Englishman at the turn of the last century, and there is a range available to suit everyone.5

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